VMware on AWS… What’s your scenario

Last year we got teased about VMWare on AWS but now it is time to show about it. We all know the VMWare / AWS is the future. How to get on to it? Depends on your scenario:

  1. Maintain and expand
  2. Consolidate and migratie
  3. Expand capacity

vSphere can help with all those scenarios. Build your vSphere stack in less than 2.5 hours !

AWS is a full SDDC stack  (vSphere, vSAN, NSX) deployed on bare metal and vCenter as control plane. It  is that simple.

Hybrid link mode for single pane of glass, tick.  Everything just works as expected as it is just vSphere under the hood. As I alluded to recently in an interview about AWS and vSPhere, it is VMware cloud. Support, VMware, Billing. VMware. It is VMware (just to push the point home.)

AWS do get a look in too. AWS serfices such as RDS, S3, IAM can also be consumed by VMware on AWS cloud customers.

vSphere on AWS Nodes consist of:

  • Compute 72vcpups
  • 512 GB ram
  •  14 TB NVME storage, 10 usable.

Other new interesting features include elastic scale. There are also several consumption models including consumption based, ad hoc (credit cards, PO’s etc and lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Hybrid Loyalty program.

Oh and lastly, VMware take care of your patching. More on this later as I am sure a lot of people are interested in that (for better or for worse).



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