The word from VMworld 2016

So the first day of business is over. It has been really interesting. If there is one thing that really stands out it is that “on prem” is also on life support. If any proof where needed of this the keynote underlined squarely the fact that the VMware is looking at everything in a cloud. Hardly a mention was made of anything not cloud.

Don’t get me wrong the products for those that wish to keep their own hardware will still exist but all the effort is going into cloud.

I forsee that in the near future VMware will have a very different role. That of the vendor agnostic cloud management and orchestration plane for virtualised workloads.

Yes Amazon is coming onboard with inbuilt out the box functionality next yeat but Amazon is one of many cloud providers (as noted on the keynote) other players include Amazon and OVH to name but a few. Even Azure is covered.

The management of the cloud is the next stop on the journey of VMware. As for those wondering what is happening with the fight with Microsoft, HyperV and where Microsoft fits in this new agnostic world, check back soon for my exclusive interview with David Zolnier.


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