NSX test drive course… excellent

So I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to attend the NSX test drive experience. It was very worthwhile. So what’s it all about?

Firstly, Dell/EMC/VMware looked after us very well. I certainly wasn’t expecting bacon and egg sarnies in the morning ;).  Anyhow… the course.

The class size was 16 (The maximum) and was delivered at EMC Manchester. Essentially it was quality as well as quantity 🙂

So it was described by several of the trainers as the ICM (Install, Configure & Manage)  without the fluff. To be sure, it truly is a techie course for techies. No marketing slides to be seen (Mr VMware, please don’t take that as a hint 😉 )

The whole point of the course is to help people understand NSX and the advantages it brings and how NSX works under the covers. There are too many advantages to list in this short shout out but the way the course was delivered it absolutely made sense.

Day one was how VXLAN works, how to install and configure NSX and the theory. It was almost identical to those courses that you beg management to send you on.

Day two delved even deeper into the whole security setup and how the whole security functionality in NSX works. It may seem simple on the surface but there is a huge hidden layer of complexity if you want to dive that deep.

Other items included touching on Orchestration and how to setup NSX in a multi-vcenter environment.

The layers that make up NSX

These courses are free. If you have a good account manager just ask. I went from knowing a little about NSX to understanding the vast majority of how a basic NSX setup works.

I found it provided an excellent opportunity to the question of “Where do I even start” with NSX.

For anyone that is interested in a course 101 tour of setting up NSX I will be be writing an article that will be appearing on SearchVMware  soon.

It would be remiss of me to not just say a big thanks to Mike, Phil and Kaela for making it happen. You guys rock!

Catch you all later,


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