Why the Digital Economy bill is bound to fail.

During the last few weeks I picked up a new client, ARS Technica UK. I was asked to write about the Digital Economy Act and how it is doomed to fail at any significant scale.

Essentially the UK government is trying to stop porn being viewed by those under 18. To those internet savvy people reading this you know it is a trivial exercise to bypass government mandated filters.

The man from Virgin Media, he say no!
The man from Virgin Media, he say no!

The people passing this law may well not have a grip on this new fangled internet technology.

Those that want porn will still get it via VPN, TOR and newsgroups. Even the government admit that people will try to bypass it. As Ernesto at Torrent freak mentioned “It is just about making pornography that bit harder to access”. However to many, myself included this could be the thin end of the wedge of an assault on our civil liberties.

You can read the full article here.