WD 4200 NAS factory restore

Hi everyone,

I thought I should blog about this because it seems to be a very common issue.  When you buy a WD 4200 there is no restore disk so how do you restore it to factory reset ?

Even some of the information on the WD site is incorrect. It was a frustrating experience, especially as support wanted to know why I was doing a factory reset on my DX4200. None of their business really!

I knew that the  WD 4200 had a recovery partition but wasn’t sure on how to invoke a restore using it. It appears I wasn’t the only one thinking “WTF?”.

So without further ado, here is how to restore the WD 4200 NAS to factory default:

  1. Log in to the  WD 4200 from the console (ie no RDP!)
  2. Whilst holding the shift key,select the power button (top right) select Reboot. .
  3. From the drop down list of reasons select “Operating System Recovery (Planned)” and click ok.
  4. At this point the WD 4200 will reboot.
  5. After reboot it will present a new screen with a couple of options. Select Advanced options.
  6. At this point there is the option to do a “WD Factory restore”.

At this point you can just let the reinstallation routine run. It will reboot and reconfigure several times. Apparently a full restore can take several days but given that there is 16 TB in there it is kind of understandable, assuming it wipes the disks!

If you have lost your primary drive and looking to reinstall however you are really out of luck. According to support there is no recovery disk available.

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