Start 2018 with a tip top estate.

Now that 2018 is here it is an ideal time to clean up your estate. The problem is that rightsizing and cleaning up the estate isn’t always a straightforward proposition, especially when done by hand.

Correctly rightsizing a VM is a black art. You can look at a point in time or a week but that server may not peak until one or two specific points in a single month. It takes skill and time. The other big issue is that doing such profiling in a large estate by hand doesn’t stack up financially.

Out of the box most hypervisor platforms don’t really have rightsizing functionality / reporting built in.  The story doesn’t stop there. Buying in a solution takes time and obviously costs money to run.

Recently I have written a lot about Embotics. As well as being a pretty good CMP (Cloud Management Platform) it installs really quickly. I setup a POC inside thirty minutes.

Embotics rightsizing at work.

So what? It means that within a very short time the administrator can see what is oversized or conversely undersized and give suggestions on rightsizing. Obviously, the longer it is left to collect statistics the more accurate it will be. I’d suggest a month at least to get a good grounding.

Sure there are other solutions but I like an easy life. It is simple to install, use and will even do the resize for you if you so desire! Other systems can do this but they aren’t as quick to install and certainly aren’t as easy to use.

Check out the video I did and see just how easy it is, honest. Doing a rightsizing exercise is the way to go with any decent sized estate. It had been known for Embotics to be run in a brownfield site and recover enough resource to actually pay for the Embotics licences and support for the year.