IAAS is death (to reducing costs)

So I was having lunch with a ex work colleague last week who now works for one of the major cloud providers and we started chatting about companies who just don’t get a very major cloud related point….

Cloud is not about servers, but services.

It may seem a somewhat obvious statement but there is still a huge element of “I want to own everything I use.” The way to look at cloud beyond a quick VM here or there is that most cloud providers already provide the services for your application requirements already…. Database, check. Web services, check. Service x, check. Have you ever seen how many services Amazon has? A lot.

The point is recreating everything from on-premises in IAAS, standing up your own virtual servers is overkill, kills the value proposition and misses the point.

Sure there are some specific cases (Security, compliance, contractual obligations and such) where an administrator will need to keep everything on “infrastructure” they control and manage. If that’s not the case, your doing it wrong and in a very expensive, long winded, re-inventing the wheel fashion.

Why stand up a full SQL server when you can get a DB service for a fraction of the cost and without any of the management overhead but the same (or better performance).

It’s a no brainer really.





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