Scripting and sensible decisions

Scripting can be scary and dangerous at scale ;). Worse, management have cottoned on to the fact that scripts can be dangerous. Result? Management take away the scripting tools. Yes, truly. I have seen it happen. Goodbye ad-hoc scripts. Help avoid them taking away your valuable scripting tools by reading my article!

Using the Web interface.. that’s so last year

Recently I wrote an article over at SearchVMware about how the times in the VM world are changing and that everyone should know just how useful a few lines of Powershell can be and function as a nice easy on ramp to realising how useful Powershell and PowerCLI can be.

What is nice about this article is the fact that those few lines of code are easy to understand and it is so versatile that you can change it do things like report on VMS, Power On VMs as well as the create snapshot example. If you have been putting off getting into PowerCLI here is a real quick interest.